"From fifteen feet behind, he closed in. Ready to grab her at the alley. The darkest spot between the two blocks on her route to the Boulevard. Fast but silent, he had less than ten feet to go. If he timed it right, noise from an approaching bus would muffle her cries. He reached for her in anticipation."

from The Firstborn Son

The Firstborn Son, written by Kaia Misk and published by The Wild Rose Press. This novel tells of a young man and woman who are both part of Mafia families in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They want to escape mob life, but one death ignites a series of events that have them on the run. A lovers to enemies to lovers again romance, the action-packed book keeps the pages turning. Italian men with accents, a bad boy boyfriend, and a successful heiress who matches her man in strength and status. All these things bring this Mafia contemporary romance alive.

The Firstborn Son

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